Our Hunts

Mule Deer and Whitetail Hunting

We hunt mule deer on private ranches. We have over 15,000 acres leased in Southeast, NM. It has taken me many years to put together the quality private land hunts I now offer.

Elevations in our hunt areas range from 6500 to more than 9000 feet, with the terrain being rugged so it is helpful to be in good physical condition. We take bucks 25" and larger every year and you can purchase your license after you arrive. We have mule deer hunts for the bowhunter, rifle hunter and muzzleloader. 

Mule Deer Archery (September - January)

This 5-day hunt is on private land with the January hunt being during the rut. Hunting methods are spot and stalk as well as ground blinds near water sources. This is a great chance to take a Pope and Young buck.

Rifle Mule Deer (October - November)

We offer two five-day hunts. This hunt has had over 90% success. Bucks in the 22 to 25 inche range are taken every year. Hunters stay in camphouse on the ranch. We access the hunting area using 4-wheel drives and on foot. License is available over the counter.


Elk Hunting

New Mexico is known for trophy elk. The area I hunt constantly produces trophy bulls. Elk tags are available by applying before March 20th. I will assist with application process. Some private landowner tags are sometimes available after the drawing.

Archery Elk (September)

This 6-day hunt is one of my favorite hunts. The bulls are usually bugling and there is a lot of action. Hunting methods include calling set ups as well as still-hunting around trails and water holes. I have taken several trophy 6x6 bulls when there was no bugling going on - that's when a real elk guide can make the difference. This hunt is from a tent camp set up in the hunting area.

Muzzleloader Elk (October)

This 5-day hunt is one of our best and usually occurs during the rut. We have taken bulls scoring up to 370 on this hunt. In line muzzleloaders are legal. We hunt from a heated tent camp, which I will set up close to the area we will be hunting.

Rifle Elk (October)

This 5-day hunt is one of our most successful hunts. The bulls are sometimes still bugling and the extended range of a rifle make it easier to take a trophy bull. We will stay in a heated tent camp in the hunting area.

Turkey Hunting

We hunt the Sacramento Mountains for Merriam turkey. We have spring and fall hunts with a large number of birds. Guided and unguided hunts available. Bear & Cougar Hunting

Fall Bear (August/September)

This is a 5-day hunt. We have many color phases of bear in the area I hunt. Hunting methods include spot and stalk, calling, and sitting water holes and feeding areas. You can use bow or rifle on this hunt and can purchase license over the counter. This is a great father and son hunt.

Shed Hunts 3-day minimum (March/April)

Come out and hunt for deer and elk shed antlers. You keep all the antlers we find. We will hunt on private and public land.

Texas Hunts Texas Exotics

I offer hunts on several ranches for axis deer, falow deer, blackbuck antelope, elk, red stag, gemsbok, as well as trophy whitetail. Some ranches are high fenced; some are not. Hunts with bow or rifle are fully guided and very successful. Call for prices on these hunts.

Texas Wild Boar Hunts - Bow or Rifle (Dec - June)

This hunt is for free ranging wild boar. Hunts are from baited blinds as well as as some spot and stalk. January through April are the best for hunting. Hogs weighing up to 400 pounds have been taken.


Texas Predator Hunts (December - June)

I offer hunts for coyote, bobcat, fox, coon, and wild hogs. I provide all the gear and transportation to hunting area. This hunt features lots of action and is very affordable.

Special Hunts

 Wild hog, axis deer, fallow deer and whitetail deer hunts are available. Prices for these special hunts are available upon request


Elk licenses are on computer drawing. Deer, Bear, Mountain. Lion & Turkey licenses can be purchased over the counter.

2024 Prices and Hunt Dates

Prices do not include license fees or gratuities.  Food and lodging is included on all fully-guided hunts.

Guided hunts are 2 on 1; 1 on 1 available for an additional $750

Sep 1-14 & 15-24 Archery Elk
Five Day Hunt

·     Guided-  $4500.00
    Drop Camp-  $2500.00

Oct 5-9 Youth Rifle Elk Hunt
Five Day Hunt Guided (includes parent) ·      $4200.00

Oct 12-16 Muzzleloader Elk
Five Day Hunt

·    Guided-  $4500.00
   Drop Camp-  $2500.00

Oct 19-23 Rifle Elk
Five Day Hunt

·     Guided-  $4500.00
    Drop Camp-  $2500.00

Nov 2-6 Muzzleloader Deer
Five Day Hunt

·     Guided Private Land-  $3300.00
    Drop Camp-  $1800.00

Nov 9-13 and Nov 16-20 Rifle Mule Deer
Five Day ·     Guided Private Land-  $3300.00
     Drop Camp-  $1800.00

Jan 1-15, 2024 Late Season Archery Mule Deer
Five Day ·     Guided Private Land-  $3300.00
     Drop Camp-  $1800.00

September - October Bear
Five day ·     Guided-  $3500

April 15 - May 10 Spring Turkey
Three day ·     Semi guided-  $900

Texas Exotics & Predator Hunts Call for pricing


Nonhunters one half of hunt cost